More Tiles! More Tiles! Bezier Games’ Suburbia 5 Star Now Available for Preorder

Rejoice, city planners and hexagon enthusiasts!  Bezier Games has announced that the next expansion for Suburbia, the super popular town building game, is now available for preorder! Suburbia 5 Star lets you add a 5th player to the game and adds 50 unique tiles, 6 new borders, and more. Now you’ll be able to erect monuments and entice tourists to visit your beautiful city.

jessm Jess: and I’ll put this here and I’ll zone this area for…
andysm Andrew: What are you doing? The expansion isn’t even out yet. Are those blueprints?
jessm Jess: It’s never to early to start city planning! Now give me a minute, I have to call my foreman. We have a town hall meeting later today to discuss the 50′ meeple statue that is going in town square…

We love Suburbia, as Rob and Diana discussed in their award-winning* review (*we give each other awards periodically.  Helps with morale).  You can preorder Suburbia 5 Star for $29.95, due to be released this August.  We can’t wait!

Check out some of the new tiles in the gallery below!

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