Pandasaurus Games Releases Details on the New Machi Koro Expansion: Millionaire’s Row!

jessm Jess: As many of my friends can attest, I am a huge Machi Koro fan. I got a chance to look at the box for Millionaire’s Row back at NY Toyfair, but recently Pandasaurus gave out a few more exciting details.

The expansion will be adding 13 new establishment’s including a vineyard and a winery, new landmark cards, and new starting establishment cards. You’ll also get the new Vacation mechanic.

CoolStuff Inc. lists the entire contents on their pre-order page as:

“20 Major Establishment cards
60 Establishment cards
2 Base Game Starting Establishment cards
4 Base Game Starting Landmark cards
3 Base Game Major Establishment cards
28 Renovation tokens
1 Expansion Game rules”

jessm Jess: Woah that’s a lot of new stuff! I can’t wait to see this expansion in action!

Millionaire’s Row can be added to Machi Koro’s previous Harbor expansion to give you a ton of possibilities when building your bustling city. You’ll be able to pick up Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row in June 2015


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