Mechs Vs Minions Review

Mechs Vs Minions
Programmatic, Cooperative
Riot Games
Chris Cantrell, Rick Ernst, Stone Librande, Prashant Saraswat, Nathan Tiras
Danny Beck, Tysen Henderson

Mechs Vs Minions is a glitzy game with tons of minis, ultra-high production value, great art, and a huge box.  But can this game, vaguely based on the League of Legends video game IP actually come through as a board game?

Mechs Vs Minions delivers a whole lot of value for its price tag…which is artificially inflated at the moment, due to how well it has sold.  Don’t break the bank looking for a copy – we’ll update our link as soon as its back at a more reasonable cost.

(Thanks to Riot Games for providing our review copy.  We were not otherwise compensated)

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