Heroes of Land, Air & Sea Returns to Kickstarter!

Thursday May 4th at 8AM EST Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is re-launching on Kickstarter! The campaign for the 4x fantasy board game by Scott Almes, was originally cancelled after user feedback indicated that the campaign needed a few tweaks and now those tweaks are here.

Game setup with expansion

Gamelyn Games has been working hard to create a campaign that will poffer backers a better deal on the game. According to their post on Board Game Geek, there are a ton of changes to the campaign:

1. Consolidated Reward Tiers

– There are now just 2 reward tiers: Base Game (Core) and Base Game + Expansion (Deluxe).

– We have combined the two expansions, Order and Chaos, into one expansion that contains all 4 additional factions.
– We have removed the Standee reward tiers.
– We will be offering pre-painted Heroes and Mercenaries as an Add-On.

2. Lower Prices

– The exact details will be revealed on launch day, but I will say this, you’re going to be VERY pleased.

– We have changed manufacturers to one that I vetted on my recent trip to China. They have extensive experience in producing board games, miniatures, and action figures. They beat my previous manufacturing quote by a significant margin. I am passing this discount onto the backers.
– Combining the expansions into one box has reduced the amount of material I will need to produce and therefore I can offer the expansion at a lower price. It also allows me to move the 5th and 6th player components previously in the base game to the expansion box. This allows me to offer the base at a lower price.

3. Better Incentives

– In addition to deep discounts off the future retail price, we’re including a free promo miniature with all base game pledges and a 2nd free promo miniature with deluxe pledges. These promo miniatures will not be available to purchase in retail.
– Based on our new costs, we have recalibrated our stretch goals to get more minis to our backers faster.

– A combination of the above mentioned savings has allowed us to improve the incentives for backing Heroes of Land, Air & Sea on Kickstarter.

Game Board with expansion extension (26×26 in. base + 13×26 in. extension)

4. Game Developments

– The game board of the base game is now 26 x 26 inches. Allowing it to fit on more game tables. A 13 x 26 inch extension board is now offered in the expansion. This adjustment also spurred a balancing of the continents since we had to recreate them anyway to split the boards. The new continents are more balanced and will therefore act as the backbone to endless replayability.
– Solo Play and Team Play has now been added as variants in the game!
– General tweaking and improving of mechanics/abilities to create a more immersive game.

– By combining the expansions into one box, we are able to focus the intent of that box. It is how players add the 5th and 6th player to the game. This allowed us to shift the extra components from the base box to the expansion box and even split the game board into a base game board with an extension board.
– More time equals more plays and more refining. The game is truly humming right now. Tune in during our live playthroughs to get a feel for it and see it in action.

Jess: I’m glad to see the game back on Kickstarter. Heroes of Land, Air & Sea  looks really neat and backers will be getting more for their money with the adjustments that Gamelyn has made. It’s also pretty cool that they have added offical rules for solo and team play modes. I know a Rob will be more interested in this game now.

Rob: Did someone say solo play? I feel my ears burning.

You can check out the Kickstarter for Heroes of Land, Air & Sea tomorrow morning bright and early!


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