King of Tokyo: Power Up! & Ninja Taisen

King of Tokyo: Power Up! & Ninja Taisen Are Here!

IELLO has announced that King of Tokyo: Power Up! and Ninja Taisen are now available online and in stores!

Power Up! is the first expansion released for King of Tokyo, the giant monster fighting game. With this expansion you get a new moster, Pandakaï, and new Evolution cards for all the monsters.

The box includes: 56 Evolution cards, 16 Evolution cards for the 1st edition monsters (Cyber Bunny & Kraken, 8 tokens, and 1 Pandakaï monster board, cardboard figure, and stand. You can pick up the King of Tokyo: Power Up! expansion for $19.99.

Ninja Taisen

Ninja Taisen is two-player game where both players are trying to invade their opponents camp. you’ll be tossing dice to see which of your fighters can move forward, but you’ll have to plan carefully as each one has a symbol (rock, paper or scissors) and in classic Rock, Paper, Scissors style, each can beat one symbol, but is weak to another. Knowing where to set your fighters to seize the advantage will take some quick thinking.

Ninja Taisen is the newest addition to IELLO’s Mini Games series, which includes other great titles like Welcome to the Dungeon and Tem-Purr-A. These games are designed to be small, portable, and packed full of fun. Ninja Taisen is only $14.99 on the IELLO website.

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