Yo! Rambo is Headed to Kickstarter January 2018

Everything Epic, the publishers behind the upcoming Big Trouble in Little China (BTiLC) board game, have announced that they will be kickstarting Rambo: The Board Game, a cooperative, tactical, miniatures game based of the Rambo franchise.

He’s super excited to be in a board game.

Chris Batarlis (Secrets of the Lost Tomb and BTiLC), and Jim Samartino (Secrets of the Lost Station,
Raiders of the Lost Tomb) are currently molding the game into a 1-4 player scenario-based campaign game that covers events from the films as well as new missions. It will have sealed mission envelopes similar to Legacy games, which will help grow the game as you play; unlocking equipment and tactics.

To eliminate randomness, combat will rely on cards instead of dice, allowing players to be more tactical in battles. Rambo: The Board Game will also feature miniatures of classic characters like John Rambo, Col. Trautman, other members of Baker Team, and more.

Even though the Kickstarter isn’t coming out until next year, you can sign up for the Everything Epic Newsletter here to follow along with the design progress for Rambo: The Board Game.


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