Deadly Premonition…the Board Game?!?

Jess: So there’s this video game, Deadly Premonition (stay with me here). In it you play FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan as he searches for the Raincoat Killer. It hearkens back to Twin peaks with its rural setting, bizarre interludes, and moments like this:

While investigating some odd murders, York encounters supernatural enemies and searches for clues to help down the killer, but the game also does some really strange things like:

  • Fine you for wearing dirty clothes.
  • Let you play mini games like fishing & darts.
  • Eat a horrifying sandwich.
  • Work part-time job in a supermarket.

 Deadly Premonition is so weird it actually holds the Guinness World Record for most critically polarizing survival horror game

All that considered, I was perplexed, intrigued, and a tinsey bit terrified to find out that Rising Star Games is creating a board game based on Deadly Premonition.

Andrew: Wat?

Jess: I know, right? Just check out this teaser!

Andrew: I reiterate my previous question: Wat?

Jess: From the website, I’ve gleamed that in 4 days either more info on the game will be released or some sort of child-like messengers will deliver us to an alternate reality where the game already exists and zombie creatures want to eat our dreams.

Seriously, if you have not played this game, you do not know how banana-pants crazy it is.

I’m guessing Deadly Premonition the Board Game will be some sort of hidden role/deduction game. You can try to discern more from the website at: I am sure there are clues I have missed that dedicated fans will piece together from the scant information presented, but you got me on what this is all going to look like in the end.

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