Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 6/2/17

You know what day it is…FRIDAY!!! Let’s get our list on!

1. The Component Collector

I recently took a look at Dog Might Game’s work via the Dragon Sheath. Their quality is really nice so it makes me really excited about their Component Collector system.

Dog Might component collector

The set comes with 8 tiles that you can customize to your gaming needs. The tiles also have magnets which help them stick together on the table and make them easy to arrange. There are 9 different tile types to choose from including bowls, deck holders, and a first player tile. I can see these being pretty darned handy whenever you are playing a game with lots of bits or roleplaying. As an added bonus, one of the stretch goals is to help name Dog Might Game’s new dog! Their pup is super cute!

Check out the Dog Might Component Collector Kickstarter here!


2. Just1MoreCat – an all ages card and dice game about cats

Ok I know. Not everyone loves cats and this game might not be the be-all-end-all of card games, but it does support something near and dear to my heart: Charity for animals.  Just1MoreCat is a simple cat collecting game, where players will try to grab as many cats as they can from the “Cat Herd” by drawing cards and stealing from their opponents. (In the meta, I am a little worried about us stealing cats from each other. I mean, do you climb through a window or do it Mission Impossible style… I digress.)

Just 1 More Cat Card Game

The game’s main mission is to raise money for local animal shelters near Red Lion, PA. The funds will help keep the doors open and provide low cost spay/neutering as well as vaccinations. I care a lot about animals and seeing a group of creators using their game design skills to benefit the wee fuzzy ones makes me really happy.

Adopt Just1MoreCat from Kickstarter here.

3. Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama

Avenue is a fun route-building game in the style of a roll-and-write. Instead of dice you use cards to determine the route you must draw. This Kickstarter is for a reskin and expansion of the game with the Kodama universe.
Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama
I adore the art and theme of Kodama so crossing it up with an already great game sounds like a party in my book. As a bonus, Kokoro comes with a special set of Kodama cards to add to your copy if you own it. its adorable, fun, and family-friendly.

Get a copy of Kokoro for yourself here!

4. Rememorex

I’m a big Stranger things fan, having grown up in the 80’s and loving many of the movies that came out then, so when a pal of mine recommended an RPG based on all that, I had to check it out.

Rememorex run on the Omnisystem and focuses on characters who are young high schoolers dealing with other-worldly encounters. The system uses mechanics heavily influenced by film: Tracking Error, the Clip Show, and the Montage which allow characters to collaborate, share their past through narration, and affect the game even if they are not in a particular scene. Rememorex has some neat ideas and Nerdy City is already pretty close to their goal.

Check out Rememorex on Kickstarter here.

5. Reissue of Deep Space D-6 and New Mini-Expansion.

Andrew is a huge fan of this game. It is his favorite single player game ever and even though he already owns a copy, he backed this campaign. If that isn’t enough of a recommendation, check out his one minute review here:

This campaign not only gets you Deep Space D-6, but you also get a revised rulebook, new rounded-corner dice, and a mini expansion. Now is a great time to pick up the game if you don’t already have it.

Pledge for your copy of Deep Space D-6 here!

Let us know which Kickstarters have your attention in the comments below and have a great weekend all!

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  1. Games I noticed this week:
    1. 1066, Tears to Many Mothers – a sweet looking 2-player card game with absolutely fantastic art and historical gameplay
    2. Living – a neat little card/tile game about life by a fellow BGG user

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