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Secret Hitler Adds Trump Expansion to Benefit ACLU

The hidden role game of secret lizardmen and fascist politics, Secret Hitler, is getting a too real expansion. On June 7th Trump and prominent members of his administration will be featured in The Trump Pack. With it you’ll get 5 new secret roles and a bonus Mike Pence card.

Secret Hitler Trump loop

These are official alternate artwork cards by Secret Hitler artist Mac Schubert for Secret Hitler and require the base game. You can pick up a copy of the base game with the link below.

Jess: Secret Hitler is a pretty solid hidden role game and since all profits from The Trump Pack will be donated to the ACLU, you can buy this with the knowledge that you are helping out a really important cause. I’m not sure how anyone is going to want to play any of these roles, but what the heck, pick up the expansion at

Price: $35.00

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