Cities of Splendor Asmodee

Cities of Splendor Coming Soon

Asmodee has announced Cities of Splendor, the first expansion to their card drafting/set collection game, Splendor.

The box comes with 4 expansions: The Cities, Trading Posts, The Orient, and The Strongholds.

Cities of Splendor Asmodee

In the Cities expansion you’ll be trying to win patronage from Bruges, Lyon, Lisbon, Seville, Venice, Florence, and Pisa. These cities are now tiles that replace your nobles and you must claim one to win the game.

Cities of Splendor Asmodee


Trading Posts not only challenges you to establish new trading posts on the Orient board, but it also introduces new rules. The board lets you unlock special abilities which can help you get prestige points, claim extra gems, and more.

Cities of Splendor Asmodee

The orient gives you 30 new development cards that have their own special powers like copying the gem bonus of another development card or letting you reserve a noble tile.

Lastly, Strongholds gives you the option to place a stronghold or to remove an enemy stronghold from the board whenever you purchase a development card. If you manage to place 3 strongholds on a card you may have the chance to claim it by right of conquest.

Jess: This expansion is packed full of new stuff for Splendor. I love the original game and I’m excited to see how Cities of Splendor plays. I just hope that the new rules don’t overly complicate what was already a great game.

Cities of Splendor will be sold at Gen Con Indy 2017 and arrive at U.S. retailers a the same time.

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