Legend of the Five Rings at gen con 50

Check Out Legend of the Five Rings at Gen Con 50

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that their upcoming living card game, based in the world of The Legend of the Five Rings ( LOT5R), will be debuting at Gen Con this year.

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

In LOT5R Players take on the roles of one of the leaders of the Great Clans and must battle against the other clans to decide the future of Rokugan. The Living Card Game model means that with a Core Set you will have everything you need to play; multiple decks, game pieces, and player aids. Instead of expecting players to buy blind card packs to add to their collection, the LCG is updated with set expansion decks, so you always know what you are getting for your money.

Legend of the Five Rings cards

To celebrate the new game, Fantasy Flight is hosting the Kiku Mitsuri, also known as The Chrysanthemum Festival, at Gen Con 50. This event will be huge tournament with over 700 participants. As the largest Fantasy Flight tournament ever to be held, the event starts at noon on Thursday, August 17 as the tournament begins, with an exciting opening ceremony held at 1 pm.

Players will receive one Core Set with and a “Learn To Play” booklet that will guide them on how to build their deck. Players will choose their clan and then report to tournament HQ to be entered into the tournament. They will also receive exclusive clan promos and participation prizes! The cost to enter the tournament is $48.00 and tickets can be purchased on the Gen Con 50 website.

If you are interested in The Legend of the Five Rings: Card Game, but don’t want to compete, the Fantasy Flight Games booth in the main hall will have demos going on all weekend, as well as limited quantities on sale.

You can learn more about the other exciting Fantasy Flight Games events at Gen Con here.

Image Credits: Fantasy Flight Games

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