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OK Play Now Available at Target

Big Potato has some big news! Their new family-friendly travel game, OK Play, is now a Target exclusive. Big Potato is the only board game brand that is exclusive to Target; selling games like Scrawl, Bucket of Doom, Obama Llama, and Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout.

ok play
OK Play is a 2-4 player game, similar to Connect Four, where players need to make a  straight or horizontal line of 5 tiles in a row. The nice thing about this game is it is designed for travel. It is made of toughened plastic and a carabiner to make it easy to hook onto a bag. The game’s MSRP is $16.99 and takes around  15 minutes to play. You can pick up a copy at Target or learn more about OK Play at www.okplaygame.com.


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