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Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park The Game Coming Soon

Cryptozoic and Cartoon Network Enterprises are releasing Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park — The Game next month!

Anatomy Park

Based on Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty TV Series, Anatomy Park is a tile-Laying Game for 2-4 players where everyone is trying to build a theme park inside the body of Ruben, a homeless department store Santa.

Rick and Morty Anatomy Park

“We have all the fan-favorite rides and attractions from the episode, plus a host of new ones as well,” said Matt Hyra, Lead Game Designer at Cryptozoic. “Every Tile, whether from the show or a new creation, features original art by Robb Mommaerts. It’s a grossly beautiful game!”

You’ll get to play as characters from the fateful episode that inspired the game, choosing from Rick, Morty, Dr. Xenon Bloom, Annie, Poncho, and Roger. To win, you’ll need to score the most victory points by building attractions, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Ruben’s body is chock full of diseases that want to destroy you. Players will need to fend off diseases such as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis A during their turns.

Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park — The Game promises to be gross, funny, and a tinsey bit horrifying. will be available at retailers nationwide July 12 for a suggested retail price of $30. You can learn more at cryptozoic.com/rick-morty-anatomy-park

Image Credits: Cryptozoic, Cartoon Network

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