You Can Help Bring Gaymer Badges to Gen Con!

Attendees of past Gen Con’s might have seen these colorful ribbons that proclaim Gaymers and Allys. They’re a wonderful way to identify yourself as as supporter of LGBTQ players and games.


The ribbons are made possible by the Tabletop Gaymers organization (a group that provides resources for LGBTQ gamers looking to network within the community).

At this point the ribbons are so popular that the group can no longer afford to pay out-of-pocket for them.  And as this is Gen Con’s 50th anniversary, this is going to be the biggest convention yet and demand for the ribbons will be through the roof!

Tabletop Gaymers is looking for donations to support the cause. They have created a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the 10,000 ribbons they are looking to bring to the convention.

They only have until July 10th to get their order in, so if you want to help a good cause head on over to the GAYMER / ALLY Badge Ribbons campaign here and donate.  You can learn more about the ribbons and the organization at


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