Geeknson Honors Geek Chic Coins on Orders

Geeknson Announced on Twitter today that they will be honoring Geek Chic coins up to a total of $500. Geek Chic, makers of fine quality gaming tables, announced they were going out of business last month. You can see our coverage here. The coins were Geek Chic’s version of gift cards which could be used to pay for tables and other merchandise.

Geeknson Denis table
The Denis table

This discount will apply to orders for Denis, Henry, or Ludovic tables which can range in price from £600.00 to £1,200.00.

You can see the quoted Geeknson tweet below:

Jess: Thumbs up to Geeknson for this! This is a super classy move on the part of and hopefully will help lessen the sorrows of Cheek Chic’s previous clients. You can check out Geeknson’s awesome furniture at!

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