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Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/14/17

It’s raining outside, so I decided to stay in today and peruse Kickstarter for some fun games (like we do every week Pinky). Let’s see what I found.

1. Legendary Creatures

Legendary Creatures, by Eduardo Baraf and Christopher Hamm, is a hand management style game where 2-4 players compete to see who will complete the Trial of Nature’s Grace first and become the next Druid! To do so you must earn the favor of the creatures of the realm.

So basically a game about exploring a fantasy world and befriending animals? I’m in!

I absolutely adore the meeples for this game. They were voted for on twitter and their designs are so cool. the creature designs are also pretty awesome (there’s a flying freakin’ llama!) and I like that as you build your team of creatures you also get to use their abilities. There are 84 creature cards so this means a lot of variety in the strategies you can take. There’s a lot of awesome going on in this game from what I can see.

Go adopt Legendary Creatures on Kickstarter here!

2. Beasts of Balance: New Edition & Battles Expansion

I just got a copy of Beasts of Balance to try and I have to say, the pieces for this game are so freaking cool! I love the shark! The game has 2 elements: Balancing these pieces on one another and an app which brings the game to life.

This new expansion adds battles between the gods of land, sea, and air. Now your pieces can help you fight against your opponents. Also you are getting new beasts; The Flamingo, Anglerfish, Chameleon, and the Dragon! This expansion looks like it will add a lot to an already really unique and beautifully designed game. You can pick up the expansion and the original game if you don’t already own it. I’ll be reviewing the base game soon, so keep an eye on the site for a more in depth look.

In the mean time, go check out Beasts of Balance: New Edition & Battles Expansion on Kickstarter

3. Firelight: The Questing Card Game – New Tabletop RPG

Roleplaying is an amazing way to stretch your imagination and to learn things about yourself and others, so I love games which make getting into rpg’s easier. Firelight is a card based roleplaying game for for 2-4 players. (also any RPG that can be played by 2 players in awesome in my book because that’s usually how Andrew & I have to play)

Everything is cards and designed so that you can begin playing in only 5 minutes and be done in around an hour. That’s is pretty darned quick! With everything being simplified, the emphasis is put on the storytelling instead of the rules; giving players more freedom to enjoy the narrative. I like this kind of play style, having played many games like Dread and Dungeon World which also focus on story over rules. I think Firelight is the kind of game I would break out for groups who have never roleplayed before, but want to try it out.

Check out Firelight on Kickstarter here.


Ah yes… another traitor based game for me to destory all who oppose me! MWAHAHAHAHAH..cough..ahem… I’m not the traitor. Seriously.
suspicious gif

WHO GOES THERE? is based on the book that inspired the classic horror movie The Thing. In the game 3-4 players are working “together” to solve problems, stay alive, and try to stay human. You’ll need to trade with each other to create items to help you stay alive, but there’s always the chance that while you were out scavenging for supplies, one or more of you have been infected by the Thing. I like these style of games even though I always seem to be the traitor and at least in this one when you start everyone is human.

I do wish that the game had some more variety in characters. I mean should I play the man in the parka, the man in the parka, or the man in the parka? That ding aside, it looks like it will be a fun, suspicion-loaded game that I will totally not betray everyone in…

Investigate WHO GOES THERE? here on Kickstarter.

5. Star Realms Frontiers

I mentioned it earlier this week, but Star Realms Frontiers looks like a blast. I love the original Star Realms and this Kickstarter not only gives you a new stand-alone game set in the Star Realms Universe, but that game can be integrated into your original deck and you can also get 8 expansions! That is a boat-load of new content!

The Frontiers base game comes with 80 new cards that feature new mechanics like the double ally ability and enough starting decks for 4 players to play competitively or coop (but you can play solo games as well).

If you love Star Realms or if you like deck-building and have never tried the game before, this is a fantastic way to jump in. Check out Star Realms Frontiers on Kickstarter here!

What Kickstarters are you pining for? let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I wanted to say thanks! Because of this article, I found out about “Who Goes There?” I don’t have as much of an issue with the choice of guys in parkas, mainly because I liked all those same guys from the movie/book. They seem to have pretty different attributes. Either way, just wanted to say thanks for helping me find it. Not sure how I missed it!

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