Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/21/17

Fridays are the best days because they are full of Kickstartery goodness! Lets take a look at what I’m excited about this week!

1. Seven Season Soup
seven season soup layout

One of my first really memorable Dungeons and Dragons characters was a sorcerer chef. She experimented in cooking the monsters that she helped kill. Things got a little dicey when it came to humanoid monsters, but hey it was an odd character to say the least. That chacter came to mind when I saw Seven Season Soup on Kickstarter.

Seven Season Soup is a 2-4 player adventure game where the players compete in the Banquet of Seven Suns, a cooking competition hosted by the Emperor. You’ll need to grab some allies and fight monsters to gain the ingredients they guard or perhaps even turn them into ingredients.

The game has a really nice Asian brush art style that I love and some nice looking minis. Seven Season Soup looks like a nice, unique take on the adventure genre and they have a lot of neat stretch goals planned. Check out Seven Season Soup on Kickstarter here!

2. Parsely Games: ACTION CASTLE plus 11 more games

Parsely games are inspired by the old text-based adventure games of the 1980’s. I’ve played a few Parsely games over the years, usually at parties where one person reads the adventure and everyone votes on our actions. They’re nostalgic for anyone who has ever played the original games, but they’re also fun enough for newbies to the genre to enjoy.

This Kickstarter has collected up the parsely games created by Jared A. Sorensen into one 300-page hardcover. The book will have revised game text, full-color maps and artwork, tips and tricks, and a foreword by Wizards of the Coast founder Peter Adkison. This is a fantastic way to get your hands on all of the games at once. You can get a copy of ACTION CASTLE the book on Kickstarter here.

3. Action Cats!

First we had ACTION CASTLE, now we have Action Cats! This party game was designed by Keith Baker, creator of Gloom, Eberron, and the upcoming Scott Pilgrim card game.

Action Cats is made up of a deck of 160 cards. Each card has a photo of a cat and, on the opposite side of the card, two halves of the cat’s story. Every turn in Action Cats the judge will draw a cat card, name the cat, and charge the other player with creating an amazing story for that cat.

The players will combine 2 cards, using the story sides, and read it to the judge. Whichever story amuses the judge most wins the round.

Not only is it a purrfectly silly game about cats, but if you back the game, you can subm, it your cat to be one of the felines in the game! You can submit up to 8 photos of you precious cats and Twogether Studios will choose their favorite to be featured on the cards. Immortalize your cat today by pledging to Action Cats on Kickstarter here.

4. Twin Stars: Adventure Series I – A solo game system

Twin Stars is a 1 player scifi adventure game that fits in your pocket! Every time you play, you’ll choose a scenario and two characters. Your characters have special abilities which will help you complete scenarios.

You’ll be rolling dice to make sets and complete objectives. If you manage to fulfill the requirements for a scenario before your characters run out of hit points, you win. This seems like a fun, little solo game that you can bring just about anywhere. The campaign also includes a deluxe version which comes with the wallet game, 4 dice, 30 custom printed tokens, and a pouch to hold everything.

Take a look at Buttonshy Games’ Twin Stars: Adventure Series I on Kickstarter here.

5. Swords

Swords, designed by Ian Hinck and illustrated by Jeff Delgado, is a simultaneous action card game for 2-5 players. The game is designed to feel like a lightning fast sword-fight. Everyone starts the game with seven cards that come in four types (Attack, Defend, Yield, Riposte). Each round players will secretly choose 1 card and everyone plays them at the same time.

Each card has an effect, such as making other players draw more cards or countering cards played against you. Whoever runs out of cards first wins.

I really love the art for this game. Jeff Delgado is a pro, having worked as a technical director for South Park and a professional illustrator freelancing for clients like Nickelodeon, South Park Digital, and Dreamworks TV. The game itself looks simple and perfect as a filler between heavier games. You can take a swipe at Swords on Kickstarter here!

What Kickstarters are you backing right now? Got any you can’t decide on? Let us know in the comments below!

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