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Watch It Played Season 7 on IndieGoGo

Rodney Smith is a key player in the board game review industry. His insightful videos reach hundreds of thousand of viewers each year. Right now Rodney is running an IndieGoGo campaign to fund his next season of his channel: Watch It Played.

Rodney was kind enough to give us a little background on his campaign:

“Each year I run a fundraiser to enable me to continue working on Watch It Played full time. It’s been a passion of mine to teach games, and being able to do this as a career due to the support of our viewers is something I can never truly pay back, except to promise to keep doing it as long as we can!

The campaign has a few small tokens of appreciation for people who support us, which include access to our Newsletter, Promos, Producer Credits, Early Access to Content and, of course, my endless thanks.”

The promos are pretty awesome.

Watch It Played Promos

On offer are Rodney and Pep adventurers for Near and Far, a hero card for Raiders of The North Sea, tokens for First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet, and a unique promo for Clank!. There are also levels to back where you can get promos from previous years like Dead of Winter, Imperial Settlers, and Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy.

“Once we reach our initial goal we’ll get onto the important stretch goal of unlocking my co-host Pep to be able to work with me full time again as well. At 70K I’ll also be agreeing to dress up in Mountie cosplay for a day at Gen Con.

If our show has been of value to people, then we would just ask that they consider a donation to help keep us doing this for another full year.”

Jess: Speaking from experience, reviewing games is not a career you join to make make fistfuls of money. We all do it for the love of the games and the fantastic community, so campaigns like this are an awesome way to help support those individuals who donate their time and energy to making great content. Rodney does great work and if you want to see him continue to rock out his awesome videos, consider donating to his campaign today.  You can find out more about the Watch It Played – Season 7 IndieGoGo campaign here.


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