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Ludacris Made a Party Game?!?

Superstar rapper Ludacris has partnered to help design a party card game.

I’ll let that sink in…

Yep, Ludacris and Edwin Benton, self-proclaimed regular dude, have created Slang N’ Friendz, a game of acting out slang words, competing in challenges, and generally having a lit time (That’s how you use that word right? I’m so not cool enough to use this slang).

The game works a little like Cards Against Humanity crossed with Charades. One player acts as the judge and rolls the die and then reads a card from the matching deck. If it comes up “Act it” players must to try to act out the slang word such as making the “rock” fist from Rock, Paper, Scissors if the word is rock. If it come up “Turn up” then players perform a challenge such as having to do things like perform the limbo or twerk. Then the judge will pick their favorite performance and award that person the point.

Ludacris’ version is the “adult” game. The words are naughtier and the challenges can ask you to do things like body shots.

There is certainly a growing market for these style of games. I am more the”let’s stay home and watch food network while we eat pizza” kind of partier, but if you are interested the game is going to be launched on Kickstarter September 6th.





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