Unrivaled Tournament Regionals at New Board Game Cafe!

Calling all NYC and Metro area gamers! Our pals from the Uncommons Board Game Cafe are opening a new location called Hex & Company. The space is bigger,the menu is more delicious, and, for the grand opening, Unrivaled is hosting their board game tournament regionals in the space this Saturday, Sept 2.

Currently in its inaugural season, Unrivaled focuses on six games: Ascension, King of Tokyo, Munchkin, Nevermore, Epic Spell Wars and Villagers & Villains. They held qualifiers at 289 local game stores around the country earlier in the year, and are now in the process of holding weekly regional qualifiers in 13 cities leading up to the Finale in Las Vegas in October. Regional winners get a trip to Vegas for the Finale where they’ll compete to win $10k. Wil Wheaton is slated to emcee the Finale.

The Unrivaled tournaments are livestreamed on Twitch and YouTube via Oomba.tv, which also runs Unrivaled. Doors open at 10.30am, last minute qualifiers and open play go from 11am-1pm, regionals run from 2-5p.

Get set for an awesome day of gaming at Hex & Co! The new cafe is located at 2871 Broadway between 111 and 112th near Columbia University. You can get free tickets here.

Hex & Company is not only a board game cafe, but will also serve as a after-school enrichment clubs  for younger players. Founded by Dr. Jon Freeman at The Brooklyn Strategist, the program will focus on developing strategic thinking, good sportsmanship, and problem solving skills.

According to their Facebook page:

“Kids spend one week playing a new game, which involves instruction and strategies for game play. Week 2 is designed to give participants a more in-depth experience by revisiting the games and exploring various strategies and problem solving skills. Kids then move on to a new set of games in another two-week series, and this continues through the end of the session.”

Registration open now for September programs, M-F 3:00PM to 5:30PM and full-day camps for school breaks. Call Hex & Company at 212-439-1008 or visit: hexmarksthespot.com for more information.

Image Credits: Unrivaled, Hex & Company, Jessica Fisher

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