Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 9/1/17

Andrew’s tempted by a lot of the games on this week’s list. What’s he excited about? Let’s find out!

1. The Little Flower Shop

Ok, I was part of the playtest crew for Dr. Finn’s The Little Flower Shop and I’m really excited to see how far it’s come! In the game, you’ll be drafting cards to add vases and flowers to your flower shop window. Vases can only hold one flower card and you must match the flowers displayed on the vase.

the little flower shop cards

There will be order cards that if you manage to meet their requirements, you will earn money which you can use to buy baskets to add to your window. At the end of 3 rounds, whoever has the most complete window, wins!

Dr. Finn is the master of filler games and when his skills combine with the art of Sarah Wry (Botanical Illustrator extraordinaire) you get one beautiful little filler game. Go pluck your own copy of The Little Flower Shop from Kickstarter’s Gardens here.


2. SteamRollers – The definitive roll and write train game

Flatlined Games has created a roll-and-write game where you are creating a train line to deliver goods. Each turn the active player will roll all the dice and players will take turns drafting dice and drawing a rail, improving their train, doing research, or making a delivery.

Jess: I like the combination of roll-and-write and pick-up-and-deliver. It looks like it will make for a fuller and more strategic game. If you like trains and dice…

Andrew: YES!

Jess: …go check out SteamRollers on Kickstarter here.

3. Mint Delivery

Jess: Is he still here? *looks around furtively* Ok good. Andrew is addicted to these games. We saw a giant display sized version at Gen Con and I could see him calculating about how to fit it into our suitcase before I escorted him away.

The game is a full pick-up-and-deliver board game that fits within a small tin. It’s always amazing how much game Five24 Labs manages to pack into those tiny tins!

On their turn, each player has two actions. They can either move their truck, load it, or upgrade the shipment of mints. Once enough orders have been taken, the game ends and whoever filled the highest value orders wins! Mint tin…

Andrew: Did you just say Mint Tin?

Jess: There goes our budget for the week.

Go check out Mint Delivery on Kickstarter here.

4. The Island of El Dorado

Ok enough with the pick-up-and-deliver games. Let’s get some resource management and  area control in!

With The Island of El Dorado you and your friends are explorers racing to discover ancient shrines. You’ll be placing tiles to build out the map around you all while managing resources and battling other players. The first player to control all 4 shrines wins.

I’ve been playing a video game called The Curious Expedition and this game reminds me a lot of it. I like the exploration element, where you don’t know exactly what the map will look like until it you build it out. Also the game has an attractive art style and you guys know that is always a key element for me with games. You play with your eyes first.

Explore The Island of El Dorado on Kickstarter here!

5. Numeracy Legends: Inspiring Kids Love of Math at Play.

Here’s one for the kids. Shepherd Kit, Inc. has combined board games and STEM education to create Numeracy Legends. Similar to the ideas presented by old-shool learning video games, Numeracy Legends makes learning math less scary for kids, by incorporating it into play.

There are different games in the set which teach different topics like route planning, probability evaluation, and game theory, but boiled down these are just fun games to play with your kids. I love how bright and fun the components look and if I had games like these when I was a kid perhaps I would be more comfortable with math today. Who knows? Take a look at Numeracy Legends on Kickstarter here

Which Kickstarters are you excited to back this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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