Timothy Archmage Title

Talking About Archmage with Timothy Heerema

Game Salute’s new area control game about mages in a post-apocalyptic landscape, Archmage, has beaten its Kickstarter target and is now in stretch goal territory. The game is gorgeously illustrated by Enggar Adirasa and has some neat mechanics that make it really appealing. To

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imhotep expansion

Kosmos Announces Imhotep Expansion

Kosmos, makers of Kahuna, Steam Time, and the Exit series, have announced they are releasing an expansion to their popular area control game set in Egypt, Imhotep. Titled A New Dynasty, the game is described by Kosmos.de: “The construction of the monuments is

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Cities of Splendor Asmodee

Cities of Splendor Coming Soon

Asmodee has announced Cities of Splendor, the first expansion to their card drafting/set collection game, Splendor. The box comes with 4 expansions: The Cities, Trading Posts, The Orient, and The Strongholds. In the Cities expansion you’ll be trying to win patronage from

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geek chic table

Geek Chic Closes its Doors

To the great despair of gamers, the furniture company Geek Chic has made the following announcement that they will no longer continue their business. “It is with great sadness that I must announce Geek Chic has ceased operation.  Despite heroic

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Fav 5 Kickstarters

Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 6/9/17

It’s Friday Fav Time! Keen Beans! If you are new here, every Friday I like to collect up 5 Kickstarters that caught my interest. If you are looking for something fun to invest in then check out the list below.

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Gameosity Digital

Gameosity Reviews Children of Zodiarcs

Title: Children of Zodiarcs Publisher: Square Enix Format: Digital Game for PC & Playstation 4 Designer: Cardboard Utopia Artist: Erica Lahaie & Michael Winder Player Count: Solo For People Who Like: Strategic RPG's Children of Zodiarcs is a new tactical

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HABA contest

Let’s Make Some HABA Games!

Looking to design a fun game and love winning stuff? Well do I have news for you then! HABA USA is hosting a game design contest this summer. Designers will each get a kit of random components from HABA games like puzzle pieces,

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secret hitler trump expansion

Secret Hitler Adds Trump Expansion to Benefit ACLU

The hidden role game of secret lizardmen and fascist politics, Secret Hitler, is getting a too real expansion. On June 7th Trump and prominent members of his administration will be featured in The Trump Pack. With it you’ll get 5 new secret

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Pre-Order Some Big Trouble for Little China

Everything Epic and Flipside have announced that they are taking preorders Big Trouble in Little China: The Game!   Chris Batarlis (Everything Epic) and Boris Polonsky (Flipside) are running the game through the last stages of development. As they are big fans of the movie,

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Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate Coming this Fall

Like Betrayal at House on the Hill? Like Dungeons & Dragons? Lets mash these two up then! Come November 15, 2017, Avalon Hill will be releasing Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate. Based on the mechanics of Betrayal at House on the Hill,

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