Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 6/2/17

You know what day it is…FRIDAY!!! Let’s get our list on! 1. The Component Collector I recently took a look at Dog Might Game’s work via the Dragon Sheath. Their quality is really nice so it makes me really excited about their Component

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Hand of Fate: Ordeals Breaks AUS Tabletop Record on Kickstarter

Given the video game is pretty darned fantastic, I am totally not surprised that Hand of Fate: Ordeals, the tabletop adaptation of Defiant Development’s action RPG series, is killing it on Kickstarter. The board game has has crowdfunded more than $190,000,

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Flash Point Digital title

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is Going Digital

Exciting news! Indie Boards and Cards (IB&C) is working to bring their cooperative fire fighting game, Flash Point to PC and mobile platforms! IB&C has teamed up with a game development studio called RetroEpic. Together they are translating the board

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CMON Iello Mapps

What Are MAPPs?

Recently Cool Mini or Not (CMON) and IELLO announced that they would be implementing a Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAPP). According to the companies, these changes are being made to protect vendors and the companies reputations. In IELLO’s words: IELLO desires

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gameosity youtube gametrayz

Gameosity Reviews Game Trayz

Andrew takes a look at 3 organizers from Game Trayz for Eupohoria, Terra Mystica, and Brewcrafters. How do they compare to inserts at twice the price? Watch our video to find out!

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Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters Roll Player Hang 12 Hand of Fate Kitchen Rush

Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/26/17

Its the best Friday of all Fridays: the long weekend Friday! With memorial Day coming up, lets take a look at some fun Kickstarters to toss your hard earned money at. 1. Hang 12: The push-your-luck party game! Grail Games‘ Hang

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peanut cat dog might box dragon sheath

Dog Might Games Dragon Sheath Review

I’ve been a roleplayer for many years now. The sheer amount of dice I own is quantifiably ridiculous, as there is no possible way I could ever use all of them in one sitting. I’ve stored my dice in the

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saloon tycoon ranch

Saloon Tycoon Expands on Kickstarter

Saloon Tycoon’s The Ranch Expansion here! Van Ryder Games’ saloon building game, Saloon Tycoon, is getting bigger with the addition a whole new board. With the Ranch board you be able to raise animals and keep them for points or

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Help Funforge Greenlight Tokaido on Steam!

Jess: Ok you all know the deal: I love Tokaido. I want to play it on every platform I can get it on and right now Funforge has a Greenlight campaign on Steam. Greenlight campaigns let fans vote on titles to be made available

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Kickstarter Deals Out a Hand of Fate Board Game

Ever since GDC, I have been eagerly awaiting the Hand of Fate: Ordeals Kickstarter. Andrew and I are big fans of the video game Hand of Fate, so when I heard that Defiant Development and Rule & Make were coming

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