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Play the Ubongo App for Free!

Ubongo is a geometric puzzle game where players race  to fit interlocking shapes into a pattern. Thames & Kosmos if offering the digital version of the game for free for a limited time. The app offers 3 different single-player modes (levels,

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terra mystica app

Terra Mystica Gets Apped

DIGIDICED has released their latest board game to app: Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller’s Terra Mystica! In Terra Mystica players compete to terraform the world and lead their faction to victory. The app allows for up to 5 players and gives you 14 different factions to

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fighting fantasy legends title

Nomad Games Announces Fighting Fantasy Legends

In advance of the 35th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy, Nomad Games has announced their latest digital card game app based on the work of authors, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Fighting Fantasy Legends features content from 3 books in the classic Fighting

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Tokaido Mobile Review

Title: Tokaido (Digital) Publisher: Funforge Format: iOS & Android Designer: Antoine Bauza Player Count: 1-5 Tokaido is Jess’s favorite game of all time, so can a mobile app do it justice? Check out her review to find out!

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Compete Online in the NGE Shadowverse Open

If you are a fan of online collectible card games, there is a new competition beginning soon where your gaming talents could earn you some amazing prizes. Cygames and Next Generation E-Sports (NGE) have partnered to introduce first season of the the Shadowverse collectible

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Save Big on Digital Board Games This Week on Humble Bundle!

It’s tabletop week on Humble Bundle,the digital charity storefront for video games! They are currently running an 80% off sale on digital board games! Woot! When you make a purchase through Humble Bundle, they’ll donate 5% of the cost to a charity of

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Children of Zodiarcs PAX East Preview

Title: Children of Zodiarcs Publisher: Cardboard Utopia & Square Enix Collective Designer: Samuel Daher Artist: Erica Lahaie & Michael Winder For People Who Like: Tactical RPGs While at PAX East we took a look at a new title, from Cardboard

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Tokaido Goes Mobile!

Jess: Oh my gosh everyone! I’m freaking out! My favorite game just got apped! Passport Game Studios and Funforge has released Tokaido on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play. Tokaido is a game about travelling the “East sea road”

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Playtable: The Future of Board Games?

A lot of board games have been translated into digital games as of late and some of the ports are really quite excellent, but, of course, these games must be played on mobile devices. The tiny screens restrict a programmers

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Digital Talisman Gets The Firelands Expansion

Talisman: Digital Edition is getting a hot new expansion: The Firelands! Ancient spirits of fire, the Ifrit, have descended upon the lands to rain down destruction. Experience the game mechanic “Burn” as you explore the sands. With the expansion, you’ll get

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