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Paperback (Mobile) Review

Paperback is a game that fell through Gameosity’s cracks (now there’s an uncomfortable phrase) due to some unfortunate timing and my previously reviewing it over at Fanbolt Gaming. Andrew:  We all love it, though!  So, you know, there’s my review. If

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Uwe Rosenberg Takes Over Steam

Some of our favorite games have been making their digital debut on mobile devices, but PC users will be excited to hear that next Monday, August 29th  Le Havre: The Inland Port will be released on Steam!   The game will

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Baseball Highlights: 2045 Mobile Review

Right. Well. Let’s get this over with. Some of you might recall that I freaking adored the Baseball Highlights: 2045 Super Deluxe edition. It’s a great game that plays quickly, offers plenty of team customization, and it’s baseball with robots

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