Game in a Minute Medici Card Game

Game in a Minute Ep 55: Medici: The Card Game

Title: Medici: The Card Game Genre: Set Collection, Push Your Luck Publisher: Grail Games Designer: Reiner Knizia Artist: Vincent Dutrait, Jun Suemi Player Count: 2-6 Medici: The Card Game is the push-your-luck card version of Medici.  As gorgeous as its

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Chemistry Fluxx Review

Title: Chemistry Fluxx Genre: Hand Management, Set Collection Publisher: Looney Labs Designer: Andrew Looney Player Count: 2-6 For People Who Like: Fluxx Chemistry Fluxx is an oddly serious take on the chaotic Fluxx gameplay.  While it doesn’t innovate on the

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World Championship Russian Roulette

Title: World Championship Russian Roulette Genre: Bluffing Publisher: Tuesday Knight Games Designer: Anthony Burch Artist: Adam P. McIver, Weberson Santiago Player Count: 2-6 For People Who Like: Bluffing, Ever-So-Slightly-Heavier-Partyish Games, Casually Shooting Themselves World Championship Russian Roulette is going to

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Cavern Tavern Review

Title: Cavern Tavern Publisher: Final Frontier Games Designer: Ivana Krstevska, Vojkan Krstevski, Maja Matovska, Toni Toshevski Artist: Mihajlo Dimitrievski, Vojkan Krstevski Player Count: 1-6 Cavern Tavern is a gorgeous game of dice placement and set completion that will have you

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Escape from Colditz Review

Title: Escape From Colditz Genre: Prison Break, 1-vs-Many Publisher: Osprey Games Designer: Bob Brechin, Brian Degas, Major P.R. Reid M.B.E., M.C. Artist: Antonio Catalán, Peter Dennis Player Count: 2-6 For People Who Like: Old-school games with some updated sensibilities Escape

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dungeon digger kickstarter

Dungeon Digger Burrows into Kickstarter

Designed by Alessandro Rivaroli, Dungeon Digger is a 2 to 6 player building game where all players take on the roles of evil overlords looking to establish the biggest, baddest dungeon of all time. By commanding your Stooges you can expand

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dragoon expansion pieces

Dragoon Expansion Preview

Dragoon, by Lay Waste Games, is a simple yet beautiful coffee table game. The second we saw it at last year’s PAX East, Andrew tossed his wallet at the booth and scooped up his copy. While it may not be

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Maximum Apocalypse box

Maximum Apocalypse Now on Kickstarter

Today has been a day for Kickstarters! Maximum Apocalypse, a new game from the creator of Brass Empire, Mike Gnade, has hit Kickstarter. Published by Rock Manor Games, Maximum Apocalypse is a campaign driven, co-op for 1-6 players where everyone

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dicey peaks title

Calliope Games Launches Dicey Peaks On Kickstarter

During Toy Fair this year, we took a look at Calliope Games’s new push your luck Titan game by Scott Almes: Dicey Peaks. It looks like a ton of fun. The basic idea is that the players are all attempting

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Park Your Pledge on Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy

Title: Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Genre: Hand management & Simultaneous action selection Publisher: Adam's Apple Games, LLC Designer: Adam Rehberg Player Count: 2-6 For People Who Like: Food Adam’s Apple Games, the publisher behind Brewin’ USA, is back

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