pocket madness card game

Pocket Madness Review – Not Quite Mad Enough

Title: Pocket Madness Genre: Rummy-style card game Publisher: Funforge Designer: Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc Player Count: 2-4 Pocket Madness is a well-produced little abstract card game.  While the minds behind it have designed some excellent games, overly-simplistic mechanics and occasionally-slow

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Hardback board game

Hardback Kickstarter Preview

Title: Hardback Genre: Spelling, Deckbuilding Publisher: Fowers Games Designer: Jeff Beck (II), Tim Fowers Artist: Ryan Goldsberry Player Count: 2-4 For People Who Like: Star Realms Hardback represents yet another well-conceived spelling game riff from Fowers Games.  Though the mid-game

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circle the wagons card game

Circle The Wagons Kickstarter Preview

Title: Circle The Wagons Genre: Tableau Building Publisher: Button Shy Designer: Steven Aramini, Danny Devine, Paul Kluka Artist: Beth Sobel Player Count: 2 Circle The Wagons is a great little bite for 2, combining satisfying but simple mechanics with thousands

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Ladder 29 Kickstarter Preview

Title: Ladder 29 Genre: Ladder, Climbing, Card Game Publisher: Green Couch Games Designer: Ben Pinchback, Matt Riddle Artist: Andy Jewett Player Count: 2-5 For People Who Like: Incredibly playable abstract card games Ladder 29 is a modern twist on classic

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Game in a Minute flip city

Game In A Minute Ep 40: Flip City & Flip City

Title: Flip City Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Designer: Chih-Fan Chen Artist: Chih-Fan Chen, Adam P. McIver Player Count: 1-4 For People Who Like: Light deck builders with a unique twist (that's not a pun, I swear) Flip City is a

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Burger Up Review – A Towering Stack Of Deliciousness

Title: Burger Up Publisher: Rule & Make Designer: Matthew Parkes Artist: Stephen Gibson Player Count: 2-4 For People Who Like: Delicious burger-based set collection Burger Up is a simple, attractive set collection game about making the most mouth-watering sandwiches you

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Oniri Islands Preview

Edit: The Kickstarter is now live at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1265508847/oniri-islands I was first introduced to Oniri Islands as a cooperative mobile board game for kids at GDC. I’m not sure if I agree that it is a board game, but I do think

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Budo Review

Diana: Let’s get this over with. Rob: Whoa, whoa, whoa. At least give me a chance to do the intro before launching into things. Diana: I’m sorry but I can’t get over how wrong the artwork is. The stances, the

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Mythe Review

Title: Mythe Publisher: Passport Games, Ludicreations Designer: Koji Malta Artist: Yoshihiro Arisawa, Sami Laakso Player Count: 2-5 Mythe is a beautifully presented little game with a couple of clever little mechanisms that make it fun to play.  It doesn’t have enough

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Azuchi Castle Review

Title: Azuchi Castle Genre: Card Drafting, Worker Placement (Sorta?) Publisher: Baccum Inc. Designer: Sungwoo Hyun Artist: Jamsan Player Count: 2-4 Azuchi Castle is a tiny game that plays both very quickly and very easily.  While brevity may be the soul

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