dungeon digger kickstarter

Dungeon Digger Burrows into Kickstarter

Designed by Alessandro Rivaroli, Dungeon Digger is a 2 to 6 player building game where all players take on the roles of evil overlords looking to establish the biggest, baddest dungeon of all time. By commanding your Stooges you can expand

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terra mystica app

Terra Mystica Gets Apped

DIGIDICED has released their latest board game to app: Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller’s Terra Mystica! In Terra Mystica players compete to terraform the world and lead their faction to victory. The app allows for up to 5 players and gives you 14 different factions to

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the 7th guest board game

The 7th Guest Board Game???

I’m usually pretty skeptical about board games based on movies, books, video games, and the like, because starting with a pre-established theme that isn’t your own (especially if you are not an experienced game designer) often ends up with some

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rise to nobility box

Rise to Nobility Ascends to Kickstarter

Final Frontier Games has released their Kickstarter campaign for Rise to Nobility, a 2-5 player dice placement game of political aspirations. If you are familiar Cavern Tavern, Final Frontier Game’s previous game, you’ll recognize that Rise to Nobility is set in the same fantasy world. This

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Maximum Apocalypse box

Maximum Apocalypse Now on Kickstarter

Today has been a day for Kickstarters! Maximum Apocalypse, a new game from the creator of Brass Empire, Mike Gnade, has hit Kickstarter. Published by Rock Manor Games, Maximum Apocalypse is a campaign driven, co-op for 1-6 players where everyone

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dicey peaks title

Calliope Games Launches Dicey Peaks On Kickstarter

During Toy Fair this year, we took a look at Calliope Games’s new push your luck Titan game by Scott Almes: Dicey Peaks. It looks like a ton of fun. The basic idea is that the players are all attempting

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DROPMIX a Game of Mashing-Up Your favorite Music

Hasbro and Harmonix (Rock Band, Dance Central)have teamed up to launch a music mixing game called DROPMIX. The game uses a special board and cards in combination with the free DROPMIX app to allow players to mix Pop, R&B, Dance, Indie, Country,

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Super Dungeon Tactics on Sale on Steam!

Super Dungeon Tactics, the board game based on digital game mechanics, has come full circle and has been translated into its very own video game!  Underbite Games has brought the dice rolling adventure game to Steam and for a limited

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StarFall Lands on Shelves Today!

Jess: Oh man, when I saw StarFall the first time on Twitter I was hooked. The game is all about stargazing. Players are all astronomers at the Royal Hinterland Observatory, looking to expand their legacy by discovering the most formations

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Gameosity on Board game Blender Ep 44 – Cardboard Killed the Video Star!

Our segment on Cardboard Killed the Video Star focuses on BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, the board game. While it can definitely seem like an impossible challenging to get the feel of certain video games into cardboard, by taking an

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