kickstarters of the week

Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/14/17

It’s raining outside, so I decided to stay in today and peruse Kickstarter for some fun games (like we do every week Pinky). Let’s see what I found. 1. Legendary Creatures Legendary Creatures, by Eduardo Baraf and Christopher Hamm, is a hand management

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herbaceous game in a minute

Game In A Minute Ep 38: Herbaceous

Title: Herbaceous Publisher: Dr. Finn's Games, Pencil First Games, LLC Designer: Eduardo Baraf, Steve Finn, Keith Matejka Artist: Benjamin Shulman, Beth Sobel Player Count: 1–4 Players For People Who Like: Gardening Featuring gorgeous art from Beth Sobel and game design

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Herbaceous Digs its Roots into Kickstarter

Beautiful, tasty, and full of fun, Herbaceous is now on Kickstarter! The 1-4 player card game by Steve Finn and Eduardo Baraf was created after seeing the lovely herb art of Beth Sobel (who we interviewed recently). They knew she

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The Siblings Trouble

We here at Gameosity love a good story – games with strong themes almost always resonate well with us, and several of us are longtime roleplayers.  But can The Siblings Trouble, a game by Eduardo Baraf, Kim Robinson, and Andy

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Gem Packed Cards Review

Gem Packed Cards, from designer Eduardo Baraf and publisher Pencil First Games, is a bit difficult to pin down. Not because it defies genre conventions or is packed with never-before-seen ideas, but because we’ve all had a tough time figuring

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Murder of Crows Review

Murder of Crows is a quick playing card game by Eduardo Baraf and Thomas Denmark.  In it, 2-5 players will play cards from their hands, trying to spell out the word ‘Murder’ before their opponents can mange to, and to

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