Evolution World Championships Headed to PAX Unplugged

It’s not just fictional boxers that get to be crowned champion in Philadelphia. On November 17-19 the greatest Evolution players in the world will meet at the home of “Rocky Balboa” to compete for the title: 2017 Evolution World Champion.

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Evolution Digital Now Taking Alpha Testers!

North Star Digital has opened sign-ups for signups for the alpha version of the Evolution video game. Players who want to get a first look at the game can sign up here by Earth Day, April 22nd. The alpha-version will be distributed in staggered

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Interview with Northstar Games at PAX East 2017

Andrew talks with Scott Rencher VP Digital Division of Northstar Games about their upcoming app for Evolution and more! We are big fans of Evolution and if you are curious about the board game you can check out Rob’s review

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Inhabit the Earth Review

Richard Breese has achieved a kind of auteur status in the boardgaming world.  If Eric Lang is the J.J. Abrams of modern boardgaming, Richard Breese, with his off-center themes, his homegrown productions, his detailed designer notes incorporated into the box

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Evolution Review

You know, for a while I’ve been hearing that Evolution – from designers Dominic Crapuchettes, Dmitry Knorre, and Sergey Machin, and publisher North Star Games – was an excellent game. Problem is there’s no solo option, which is pretty much

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Neanderthal Review

Today we’re going to talk about Neanderthal, a game about cultural evolution, the development of societal relationships, and survival-  Andrew:  And everyone dying in a blizzard. …*Ahem*.  If that sounds kind of heavy, that’s because it is. And you can

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