secret hitler trump expansion

Secret Hitler Adds Trump Expansion to Benefit ACLU

The hidden role game of secret lizardmen and fascist politics, Secret Hitler, is getting a too real expansion. On June 7th Trump and prominent members of his administration will be featured in The Trump Pack. With it you’ll get 5 new secret

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Norsaga: Odds and Endings Kickstarter Preview

Title: Norsaga: Odds and Endings Publisher: Meromorph Games Designer: Kevin Bishop Artist: Matthew Bishop Player Count: 2-4 For People Who Like: Relatively simple take-that gameplay Norsaga: Odds and Endings looks to expand the core gameplay of the original, adding a

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saloon tycoon ranch

Saloon Tycoon Expands on Kickstarter

Saloon Tycoon’s The Ranch Expansion here! Van Ryder Games’ saloon building game, Saloon Tycoon, is getting bigger with the addition a whole new board. With the Ranch board you be able to raise animals and keep them for points or

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dungeon dice box

Dungeon Dice: The Lost King Rolls Over Kickstarter

Potluck Games is Kickstarting the latest expansion to their dice-rolling, dungeon crawler: Dungeon Dice. The Dungeon Dice: The Lost King expansion adds 32 dice to the game , including one jumbo Dungeon die (32mm). The dice represent traps, shrines, one-use dice, relics

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dragoon expansion pieces

Dragoon Expansion Preview

Dragoon, by Lay Waste Games, is a simple yet beautiful coffee table game. The second we saw it at last year’s PAX East, Andrew tossed his wallet at the booth and scooped up his copy. While it may not be

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Jess’s Top Five Kickstarters of the Week 3/31/17

It’s that time again! Here are 5 Kickstarters that I think are pretty keen! 1. The Lady and the Tiger The Lady and the Tiger is a bunch of games in one and allows for 1-6 players making for a game

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There are Monsters Lurking in New Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Expansion!

USAopoly has announced that the next expansion for their HARRY POTTER: HOGWARTS BATTLE game will be The Monster Box of Monsters! This expansion will add over  150 new cards that include magical Creatures, new locations, new versions of the characters, and

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Cards Against Humanity Goes Inter-Sexy-Stellar with Mass Effect Pack

Jess: I love board games, but I also love video games, so when I hear words like “Mass Effect” and “Cards Against Humanity” my ears prick up like a corgi who hears the bag of snackeroos opening. The Cards Against Humanity

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Renegade Games’ Triple Threat for Toy Fair

Fun can come in many flavors, like building, racing, adorableness, and Renegade Game Studios is covering those three vectors with gusto. We met with Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing, to talk about the exciting new games coming out

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Champions of Midgard Gets 2 New Expansions on Kickstarter

By Thor’s Unweildy and Overly Intimidating Hammer! Grey Fox Games is Kickstarting 2 new expansions for Champions of Midgard! The first expansion, The Dark Mountains, adds a 5th player, new enemies, land journeys and archer dice! The second is Valhalla, which gives you

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