Sunset Over Water Kickstarter Preview

Title: Sunset Over Water Publisher: Pencil First Games, LLC Release Date: 2018 Designer: Eduardo Baraf, Steve Finn, Keith Matejka Artist: Benjamin Shulman, Beth Sobel, Helen Zhu Player Count: 1–4 Players For People Who Like: Beautiful, serene set collection games. Pencil

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Game in a minute quantum

Game in a Minute Ep 50: Quantum

Title: Quantum Genre: Area Control. Grid Movement Publisher: Passport Game Studios Designer: Eric Zimmerman Artist: Georges Bouchelaghem, Kieran Yanner Player Count: 2-4 In Quantum, you will compete against other fleets of shapeshifting starships for control over the much-vaunted quantum cubes.

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dungeon digger kickstarter

Dungeon Digger Burrows into Kickstarter

Designed by Alessandro Rivaroli, Dungeon Digger is a 2 to 6 player building game where all players take on the roles of evil overlords looking to establish the biggest, baddest dungeon of all time. By commanding your Stooges you can expand

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Defense of the Citadel on Kickstarter

In an inversion of the classic dungeon delve style game, Defense of the Citadel (DOC ) is a cooperative, tower defense game for 1-4 players by Spherewalker Games. DOC uses a main tile surrounded by modular tiles, so players can choose to follow the campaign

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