mensa winners

The 2017 Mensa Select Winners

Annually, members of Mensa set their intellectual prowess to fun as they try out the year’s newest board games. In a span of 42 meeple-packed hours, they determine which games are the tippity-top of design and provide ample amounts of challenge

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There are Monsters Lurking in New Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Expansion!

USAopoly has announced that the next expansion for their HARRY POTTER: HOGWARTS BATTLE game will be The Monster Box of Monsters! This expansion will add over  150 new cards that include magical Creatures, new locations, new versions of the characters, and

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Gen Con 2016 News: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

It’s time to wave your wand and shout “Accio Boardgame!” This September, USAopoly is bringing the wizarding world to board games with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. They gave us a tour of the game at Gen Con and we are so

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