Hand of Fate: Ordeals Breaks AUS Tabletop Record on Kickstarter

Given the video game is pretty darned fantastic, I am totally not surprised that Hand of Fate: Ordeals, the tabletop adaptation of Defiant Development’s action RPG series, is killing it on Kickstarter. The board game has has crowdfunded more than $190,000,

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Norsaga: Odds and Endings Kickstarter Preview

Title: Norsaga: Odds and Endings Publisher: Meromorph Games Designer: Kevin Bishop Artist: Matthew Bishop Player Count: 2-4 For People Who Like: Relatively simple take-that gameplay Norsaga: Odds and Endings looks to expand the core gameplay of the original, adding a

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saloon tycoon ranch

Saloon Tycoon Expands on Kickstarter

Saloon Tycoon’s The Ranch Expansion here! Van Ryder Games’ saloon building game, Saloon Tycoon, is getting bigger with the addition a whole new board. With the Ranch board you be able to raise animals and keep them for points or

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Kickstarter Deals Out a Hand of Fate Board Game

Ever since GDC, I have been eagerly awaiting the Hand of Fate: Ordeals Kickstarter. Andrew and I are big fans of the video game Hand of Fate, so when I heard that Defiant Development and Rule & Make were coming

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12 Realms: Dungeonland on Kickstarter Now

MAGE Company’s 12 Realms: Dungeonland is currently on Kickstarter. This cooperative dungeon-crawler game for 1-4 heroes is a standalone game in the 12 Realms series. Evil has spread over the lands of 12 Realms and once again heroes must step

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Deadly Premonition: The Board Game

Deadly Premonition Details are Here!

Recently, I was perplexed at the announcement that Rising Star Games would be producing the Deadly Premonition: The Board Game . If you didn’t see my thoughts, you can check them out here. Today we got more details and it

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A.E.G.I.S. Returns to Kickstarter

Zephyr Workshop has announced that their robot-fighting game, A.E.G.I.S., is returning to Kickstarter May 9th! In A.E.G.I.S. players can create teams of robots to face-off against their opponents. The game comes with over 60 different robots in five different Classes (Assault, Evasive,

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Jess’s Kickstarter Fav Five of the Week 5/5/17

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! It’s Friday so that means checking out Kickstarters. What caught my eye this week? Let’s find out: 1. Sailing Toward Osiris I’ve actually gotten to play a preview copy of this game and I really

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Sailing Towards Osiris Kickstarter Preview

Title: Sailing to Osiris Publisher: Daily Magic Games Designer: W. David MacKenzie Artist: Denis Martynets Player Count: 2–5 Players With over two weeks to go on its campaign and very nearly funded, Sailing to Osiris is a worker placement game set

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Yo! Rambo is Headed to Kickstarter January 2018

Everything Epic, the publishers behind the upcoming Big Trouble in Little China (BTiLC) board game, have announced that they will be kickstarting Rambo: The Board Game, a cooperative, tactical, miniatures game based of the Rambo franchise. Chris Batarlis (Secrets of

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