planet defenders box

Planet Defenders Coming this Fall!

Renegade Game Studios has announced their new set collection game, Planet Defenders, is coming out later this year. The game, originally designed by Wei-Min Ling, and originally published by EmperorS4 Games in Taiwan, is set in the far future. Renegade describes the story of

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Starving Artist Review

Title: Starving Artist Genre: Set Collection Publisher: Fairway 3 Games, LLC Designer: Mike Wokasch Artist: Vaughn Reynolds (plus, like, a million others) Player Count: 1-4 Starving Artist is an abstract, light set collection game with some gorgeous art and a

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Portal of Heroes Review

Title: Portal of Heroes Publisher: Mayfair Games Designer: Johannes Schmidauer-König Artist: Dennis Lohausen Player Count: 2-5 Portal of Heroes is an unfussy, attractive little set collection card game with great art and quick, clever turns.  While a little chaotic and

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Cavern Tavern Review

Title: Cavern Tavern Publisher: Final Frontier Games Designer: Ivana Krstevska, Vojkan Krstevski, Maja Matovska, Toni Toshevski Artist: Mihajlo Dimitrievski, Vojkan Krstevski Player Count: 1-6 Cavern Tavern is a gorgeous game of dice placement and set completion that will have you

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Game in a Minute Tides of Time Madness

Game in a Minute Ep 44: Tides of Time & Tides of Madness

Title: Tides of Time & Tides of Madness Genre: Card Drafting Publisher: Portal Games Designer: Kristian Čurla Artist: Tomasz Jedruszek, Chris Ostrowski, Dan Pellow, Blake Rottinger, Artur Sadlos, Rafał Szyma Player Count: 2 For People Who Like: Gorgeous art, set

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Order of the Gilded Compass Review

Title: Order of the Gilded Compass Genre: Dice Placement/Yahtzee-style Publisher: Grey Fox Games Designer: Jeffrey D. Allers, Bernd Eisenstein Artist: Mackenzie Brewer, Vicente Sivera Catalá, Felipe Gaona, Grace Liu Player Count: 2-5 For People Who Like: Rolling dice and making

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Guilds of London Review

Title: Guilds of London Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Designer: Tony Boydell Artist: Tony Boydell, Klemens Franz, Charlie Paull Player Count: 1-4 Guilds of London is an interesting take on area control, with a card-driven core that has lots of potential.

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pocket madness card game

Pocket Madness Review – Not Quite Mad Enough

Title: Pocket Madness Genre: Rummy-style card game Publisher: Funforge Designer: Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc Player Count: 2-4 Pocket Madness is a well-produced little abstract card game.  While the minds behind it have designed some excellent games, overly-simplistic mechanics and occasionally-slow

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rise to nobility box

Rise to Nobility Ascends to Kickstarter

Final Frontier Games has released their Kickstarter campaign for Rise to Nobility, a 2-5 player dice placement game of political aspirations. If you are familiar Cavern Tavern, Final Frontier Game’s previous game, you’ll recognize that Rise to Nobility is set in the same fantasy world. This

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The Gallerist Review

Title: The Gallerist Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games Designer: Vital Lacerda Artist: Ian O'Toole Player Count: 1-4 For People Who Like: Thinking a lot about your choices, beautiful presentation The Gallerist is a deceptively complex game, where a relatively narrow field of

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