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Gen Con 50: Tunnels & Trolls

Tunnels & Trolls has a long history, being the second roleplaying game ever published (right behind D&D), Ken St. Andre created the game in in 1975 to be more accessible than its predecessor. The game is coming back as a

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Steve Jackson Games’ Ogre Coming to Steam

Auroch Digital and Steve Jackson Games are bringing Ogre to Steam on October 5th! It’s a faithful digital adaptation of the award-winning Ogre tabletop game, which has captivated wargamers since the first edition back in 1977. The digital game will offer players a new single

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Digital Talisman Assaulted By Dragons in New Expansion

Talisman: Digital Edition, the classic fantasy adventure board game, brings ‘The Dragon’ expansion to Steam and mobile devices. Nomad Games has released the tenth major expansion for Talisman, The Dragon, replacing the Inner Region with new encounters and victory objectives.

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Fighting Fantasy Legends Makes You the Hero

Nomad Games has released its latest game Fighting Fantasy Legends, based on three of the classic gamebooks City of Thieves, Citadel of Chaos, and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. The objective of the game is to explore the dangerous continent of

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Digital CCG Nova Blitz Now Available

Dragon Foundry and Hashbang Games have released a new real-time, collectible card game on Steam called Nova Blitz. Nova Blitz is a real-time, digital, card game set in a future universe ruled by five Aspects of energy: Arcane, Tech, Divine, Nature,

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Gameosity Digital

Gameosity Reviews Children of Zodiarcs

Title: Children of Zodiarcs Publisher: Square Enix Format: Digital Game for PC & Playstation 4 Designer: Cardboard Utopia Artist: Erica Lahaie & Michael Winder Player Count: Solo For People Who Like: Strategic RPG's Children of Zodiarcs is a new tactical

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Help Funforge Greenlight Tokaido on Steam!

Jess: Ok you all know the deal: I love Tokaido. I want to play it on every platform I can get it on and right now Funforge has a Greenlight campaign on Steam. Greenlight campaigns let fans vote on titles to be made available

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Evolution Digital Now Taking Alpha Testers!

North Star Digital has opened sign-ups for signups for the alpha version of the Evolution video game. Players who want to get a first look at the game can sign up here by Earth Day, April 22nd. The alpha-version will be distributed in staggered

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Nomad Games Announces Fighting Fantasy Legends

In advance of the 35th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy, Nomad Games has announced their latest digital card game app based on the work of authors, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. Fighting Fantasy Legends features content from 3 books in the classic Fighting

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Children of Zodiarcs PAX East Preview

Title: Children of Zodiarcs Publisher: Cardboard Utopia & Square Enix Collective Designer: Samuel Daher Artist: Erica Lahaie & Michael Winder For People Who Like: Tactical RPGs While at PAX East we took a look at a new title, from Cardboard

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