They Who Were 8 board game

They Who Were 8 Review

Title: They Who Were 8 Publisher: Air and Nothingness Press, LudiCreations Designer: Todd Sanders Artist: Todd Sanders Player Count: 2-4 (But not really 2) They Who Were 8 is something of a tragic juxtaposition; its presentation is stark and attractive,

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The Gameosity Podcast Episode #8: Gateway Games

Time for some stories! In this episode we explore how Andrew, Jess, and Josh got into gaming and what games they think are great for introducing new players to board games. We discuss Pax Unplugged, Onitama, They Who Were 8, Pickomino,

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Don’t Be a Jerk, Steal This Game

Ok everyone, I don’t usually get up on a soapbox. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a soapbox, but I’m really quite grumpy. During Essen, some asshat (that’s a highly technical term) stole a cashbox from LudiCreations. What the heck

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