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Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/14/17

It’s raining outside, so I decided to stay in today and peruse Kickstarter for some fun games (like we do every week Pinky). Let’s see what I found. 1. Legendary Creatures Legendary Creatures, by Eduardo Baraf and Christopher Hamm, is a hand management

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star realms frontiers

Nine All-new Star Realms Sets on Kickstarter Now!

White Wizard Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for nine new expansions to the popular deck-building game, Star Realms! “Our fans helped us launch our company and Star Realms on Kickstarter four years ago. We are super excited to be

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Epic Digital Card Game Hits Kickstarter

Epic is , designed by Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle and published by White Wizard Games, is a fun, fast non-collectible card strategy game. Yesterday a campaign for the digital version of the game hit Kickstarter and it is already almost totally funded. Last

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Celebrate Cyber Monday With Some Awesome Deals!

Ok Cyber Monday is here and so sales descend upon us like hordes of excitable puppies that eat our money, but we love them anyway. If you didn’t shop yourself into unconsciousness last Friday, throw what’s left in your wallet

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Hero Realms Kicks off Its Adventure On Kickstarter!

The masters of deck-builders, White Wizard Games, have just released the Kickstarter campaign for Hero Realms. In the same vein as Star Realms, this game will be a deck builder for 2-4 players, but this time around you can gain experience

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Star Realms: Colony Wars Review

Colony wars is the first major expansion to Star Realms, the breakaway hit sci-fi deck builder from White Wizard Games.  How does this expansion, which is actually just as big as the original game, fair against its older sibling?  And more importantly, is

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