PAX Unplugged Chimera Station Interview

Chimera Station is a worker placement/worker builder game. Customizable workers bring a whole new strategy into the mix. Will you splice your worker with tentacles to grab resources or leaves to make them self sustaining? You’ll need to make these decision

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Z-Man Games Brings Tea to Thos Hard Working Farmers of Arle

Jess: So I am addicted to tea. I have an entire shelf in my cupboard dedicated to tea. Pair this with my love for Fields of Arle and you get an exciting new expansion: Fields of Arle: Tea & Trade! This expansion, from

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Game in a minute logo doughnut drive thru

Game In A Minute Ep 49: Doughnut Drive-Thru

Title: Doughnut Drive-Thru Publisher: Grail Games Designer: Ikaga-Ya Artist: Heiko Günther Player Count: 2-4 players Doughnut Drive-Thru is a small action-selection game all about baking and selling the most delightfully-cute donuts you can imagine.  With little more than a 6-sider and

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The King’s Abbey Review

Title: The King's Abbey Genre: Worker Placement Publisher: Breaking Games Designer: Randy Rathert Artist: Randy Rathert, Anna Talanova Player Count: 1-5 The King’s Abbey is a dice-as-workers placement game featuring a rulebook in need of editing, lots of great ideas,

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Mint Works Review

Title: Mint Works Genre: Worker Placement, Microgame Publisher: Five24 Labs Designer: Justin Blaske Artist: Felix Janson, Thomas Tamblyn Player Count: 1-4 Mint Works is a great little game, packing a complete worker placement experience into a tight 15 minutes and

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51st State: Master Set Review

Title: 51st State: Master Set Publisher: Portal Games Designer: Ignacy Trzewiczek Artist: Grzegorz Bobrowski Player Count: 1-4 For People Who Like: Engine/Tableau Building 51st State: Master Set is a fun, excellently-designed romp through the post-apocalyptic wasteland.  Tactical choices in the

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Game in a Minute Deep Space D-6

Game in a Minute Ep 46: Deep Space D-6

Title: Deep Space D-6 Genre: Dice Placement/Rogue-like Publisher: Tau Leader Games Designer: Tony Go Artist: Tony Go, Tim McBurnie Player Count: 1 Deep Space D-6 is a really unique, quick-playing dice assignment solitaire game.  With great minimalist aesthetics and rogue-like gameplay

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Sailing Towards Osiris Kickstarter Preview

Title: Sailing to Osiris Publisher: Daily Magic Games Designer: W. David MacKenzie Artist: Denis Martynets Player Count: 2–5 Players With over two weeks to go on its campaign and very nearly funded, Sailing to Osiris is a worker placement game set

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peak oil box

Make Your Oil Millions in Peak Oil! Now on Kickstarter.

Imagine this: The future of clean energy is coming. Soon the world will no longer have to rely on oil. This is good news for the world and slightly awful news for you as top manager of an oil company…

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rise to nobility box

Rise to Nobility Ascends to Kickstarter

Final Frontier Games has released their Kickstarter campaign for Rise to Nobility, a 2-5 player dice placement game of political aspirations. If you are familiar Cavern Tavern, Final Frontier Game’s previous game, you’ll recognize that Rise to Nobility is set in the same fantasy world. This

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