11/3/14 Edition



Hasbro gives a helping hand, Karen Gillian possibly getting chased by wild animals, and a whole lot more in this weeks News Round-Up.




Hasbro Helps Maker of Operation Get His Operation!
In a fit of awesomness, Hasbro has helped John Spinello, the creator of Operation, get the $25,000 needed for his oral surgery. Tim Walsh and Peggy Brown, friends of Spinello and toy designers, began a crowdfunding campaign to help Spinello when he was unable to pay his medical costs. As the campaign went viral Hasbro stepped in and announced that they would buy the original Operation prototype.

“We were moved to see the recent outpouring of support from so many fans of the Operation game around the world regarding the medical needs of the game’s original inventor,” Hasbro said in its statement. “Yesterday, we informed Mr. Spinello that Hasbro plans to purchase the prototype with the hope that the funds will help to defray his medical costs. We plan to proudly display it at Hasbro’s global headquarters in Pawtucket, RI, to honor his contribution to Hasbro’s gaming history.”

jessmJess: Things like this restore my faith in humanity. Hasbro, you rock.


Karen Gillan in the Next Jumanji Movie?

Rumors abound about the new Jumanji movie. Doug Belgrad, a film producer from Columbia Pictures, mentioned in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about working with¬†Michael Lynton: “We’re going to try and re-imagine Jumanji and update it for the present.” It has been almost twenty years since the first Jumanji Movie was released. Karen Gillian has twittered a teaser that indicated that she will be playing a role in the movie.

jessmI love Karen Gillian’s acting and animals so I’m down for this. Will she be able to take a selfie with a tiger or will the Doctor need to save her? Only time will tell.


F**ktionary: The New “Adult” Card Game
Creepy Doll LLC has come out with a new party game called¬†F**ktionary. They have described it as “the demon child of Balderdash and Urban Dictionary”. Players draw a card form a stack of x-rated phrases and everyone must the guess the correct definition of that term.

jessmJess: I can see this going poorly for players like my mother. She loves games like Cards Against Humanity, but I always feel weird having to describe what the cards mean. “No Mom, Smegma wasn’t the Dragon in The Hobbit.”

You can pick up F**ktionary now on Amazon.


Brave Champs: A Game for Kids About Real Heroes

In more kid-friendly news Niketa Jhaveri, mother and designer, has created a game geared towards children called Brave Champs. The game teaches children about real-life professions such as doctors, gymnasts, and engineers. There are three levels of difficulty so that children of ages 4 to 9 years old can be challenged by the listening and reading skills and still have fun.
jessmJess: Looks like a cute way to work on reading and comprehension with kids while also teaching them about jobs.


You will be able to pick up Brave Champs on Amazon by the end of November for about $19.99.



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