Cards Against Humanity Designer Kickstarting New Game: Secret Hitler

Are you Secret Hitler, commander of the fascist lizard-man army? Max Temkin has designed a new social deduction game to help you find out.

Secret Hitler is set in 1930’s Germany. The players will be given role cards for one of two teams, liberals or fascists, or get the Secret Hitler card. Each team has their own goals. The fascists must pass 6 fascist policies or elect Secret Hitler chancellor after 3 fascist policies have passed. The liberals must pass 5 liberal policies or assassinate Secret Hitler. Similar to Bezier Games’ Ultimate Werewolf, players will close their eyes and and some roles will be revealed. In this case, the fascists will open their eyes and secret Hitler will put their thumb up so the fascists will know who is on their team and who is their nefarious leader. Secret Hitler and the liberals will be in the dark as to who is on their team.


Each round, players elect a President and a Chancellor. The two government officials will enact a law from a random deck of liberal or fascist laws. If a fascist policy passes, the President gains a new power such as Investigation, which allows the president to look at a players membership party card or Execution, where the president must kill a player. If the president executes Secret Hitler the liberals win.

jessmJess: While the game is very similar to The Resistance or Werewolf, there are some differences.  Secret Hitler does not have a moderator and there is no early player elimination. As much as I love Werewolf, it sucks being the first villager eaten.  Also I love the illustrations by Mackenzie Schubert (Letter Tycoon, Penny Press) and has a fantastic look to it. The fascists are full-on lizard men!

For a pledge of $25 or more you get one copy of Secret Hitler or by upping your pledge to $30, you’ll get Secret Hitler plus the Cards Against Humanity “Fascism Pack”. This pack is a set of exclusive foil Cards Against Humanity cards. Temkin is only making them available through this Kickstarter campaign. So head on over to the Secret Hitler Kickstarter and pick up a copy today.


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