Do Something Nice for the Holidays: Flip A Table!

Tableflipping is the ancient art of raging after a game and overturning the table. While it remains an awesome display of power and dominance, recently it has come to be considered poor sportsmanship and can result in embarrassing moments if you cannot actually flip said table. Another downside is that your game will end up scattered to the winds and you’ll spend the next five hours trying to find a meeple that managed to fly into someone’s shoe.

Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity), Paul Peterson (Smash Up), and illustrator Bobby Reichle have combined forces to create a papercraft toy of epic flippableness in the name of charity. The idea is simple. You assemble you tiny table, decorate, and flip to your hearts content! No board games need be harmed in the flipping!

The toy is $5.00 and the proceeds go to author Pat Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders charity. The toy actually includes a tiny paper copy of his book, Name of the Wind, to add to your flipping frenzy. The Worldbuilders charity rasises money for Heifer International which works to end hunger and poverty around the world. This little item seems like a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite sore loser or as a gag gift. Rothfuss is well known in the community for his charitable work with board games, as well as the awesome works of fantasy which he has penned. You can check out our article on his awesome addition to King of Tokyo with Iello.

Buy your very own copy at the Tableflip site and help make the  world a better place and safer for board games wherever.

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