Cards Against Humanity Goes Inter-Sexy-Stellar with Mass Effect Pack

Jess: I love board games, but I also love video games, so when I hear words like “Mass Effect” and “Cards Against Humanity” my ears prick up like a corgi who hears the bag of snackeroos opening.

The Cards Against Humanity team has high-fived Mass Effect developer, BioWare, so hard they have produced some sort of vulgarly delightful card pack baby. For only $1 you can get this 14-card Mass Effect CAH Pack with free shipping available to U.S. customers. The cards are cheekily illustrated by Cara McGee, who does some amazing fanart on her tumblr Oh Cararara .

I asked the lead of design on the pack, Trin Garritano, a few questions about this titillating expansion.

Jess: Are you a Mass Effect fan? If so who was your Shepard’s crush? 😉
Trin: Oh my god am I EVER a Mass Effect fan. My first casual cosplay was Legion’s battered N7 piece from Mass Effect 2.

Jenn Bane, our community manager, and I have been daydreaming of doing this pack for actual years. We started writing this pack in our hotel room after an SDCC years ago.
My paragon F!Shep romanced Garrus, my renegade F!Shep romanced Thane, and my M!Shep romanced Kaidan, as is only appropriate and just.

Jess: Garrus! He’s mine too. So dreamy… Ack! Back to the questions! What kind of cards can people expect? (no need for spoilers just a general sense)
Trin: Mostly, these cards are about having sexual relations with aliens.

“This is going to be good.”

Jess: I should have seen that coming. So, what kind of process did you guys go through to make the cards?
Trin: We actually wrote over 700 cards total over the course of several months! We passed the list to BioWare, then they’d pass it back to us, and so forth, until we had a solid deck we were all happy with. We had a few Skype calls with editor Karin Weekes, and writers Ben Gelinas and Sam Maggs.

Surprisingly, half the deck is made up of the cards that Jenn and I spitballed in our hotel room years ago!

Fun fact: We had our new writers’ room play through Mass Effect 2 to familiarize themselves with the material – not all of them began as ME fans. Bizarrely, they all fell in love with Jacob Taylor?? Everyone else I know is extremely “meh” about Jacob, so that was a huge surprise for me.

Jess: Thanks so much to Trin for giving us a peek behind the proverbial Krogan Curtain. According to the FAQ this is a very limited run, so I would suggest picking it up now if you have any interest. Being an avid Mass Effect fan, I’ve already bought my pack. You can get your own here:


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