Defense of the Citadel on Kickstarter

In an inversion of the classic dungeon delve style game, Defense of the Citadel (DOC ) is a cooperative, tower defense game for 1-4 players by Spherewalker Games.

DOC uses a main tile surrounded by modular tiles, so players can choose to follow the campaign which is divided into missions or try a quick-play game using random tiles and events.

Each player then chooses a unique character and 1-2 classes. Characters have their own stats and skills and the classes let you know what kind of actions you can take.

Once you are all set it is time to get into the action! The monstrous forces of evil are about to bear down on the citadel, so everyone must work together to save the day. Players will be able to craft items, set traps, restructure the citadel, and more to to prepare your defenses. Monster units are automated by the game using an invasion card deck.

Missions will dictate how large the deck is and thus how hard the fight will be. if you’ve prepared well and fight your best, you’ll be able to defeat the waves of evil and win!

Jess: I’m really not much for tower defense games (they’re more Andrew’s thing). Defense of the Citadel sounds like a cool game; a lot of replayability through the modular style, nice looking minis, and a fun anime/fantasy theme. Where I stop dead in my tracks is the price. DOC is around $90 plus shipping & handling.

Now the game includes 35 minis (51 if you include the items) and that is a lot of plastic, so I understand why it is so expensive.

I just have a hard time jumping on board a high price game when it is the first title from a company I don’t know. Especially for a style of game I am not usually a fan of. While I have my doubts, if you like tower defense, miniature heavy, role-playingesque games then DOC may be right up your alley.

Defense of the Citadel is on Kickstarter right now. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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