2 New Games from Wyrd

Wyrd Miniatures is the company behind Darkness Comes Rattling, Kings of Artifice, and Puppet Wars Unstitched. They are now working on two new board games: Bayou Bash and War of the Spirits.

Bayou Bash will be a racing board game for up to five players. Gremlins will do their best to wrangle their animal mounts in a backstabbing, riotous race where you need to fight as much as you need to race. The player who garners the most attention from the fans wins the game so putting on a good show is what its all about. Unfortunately your fans can also be targeted by your opponents!

JessBayou Bash sounds like it is going to be ridiculously fun. I’m not big on racing games, so having the focus be on your performance vs. your ability to speed around a track sounds pretty awesome to me.

War of the Spirits is Wyrd’s expansion for Darkness Comes Rattling. You’ll get two new Warriors plus their Spirit Animals and a bunch of new challenges to complete. It also introduces the spirit realm. Players will be able to become spirits and gain boons that will help them battle the darkness.

Jess: I haven’t played Darkness Comes Rattling yet, but from the sound of this expansion, I need to rectify that immediately!

 The game’s release dates haven’t been announced yet, but you can join in playtesting for them by heading over to the Wyrd forum. If you do help playtest you will get credit in the game’s rulebook. Bayou Bash testing will begin immediately, and War of the Spirits testing will begin within the next few weeks.

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