Bargain Quest is Charging for Chain Mail on Kickstarter!

Jonathan Ying, the designer behind Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game and DOOM The Board Game, has created a new game of adventurous shopping: Bargain Quest!

This 2-4 player auction/bidding & hand management game has you and your friends running item shops in a fantasy world. Bands of adventurers are ready to take on their quests, but they are going to need some equipment and its up to you to stock your shelves with items that will entice novice wizards and seasoned fighters.

If a hero buys your equipment and manages to succeed against a monster, you’ll earn “STARS” which will get you points at the end of the game. If your hero can’t best the beast it will terrorize the town and wreck your shop. Once three monsters have been defeated the player with the most money and prestige wins!

Bargain Quest is delightfully illustrated by Jonathan’s sister Victoria Ying who has worked on films like films such as the Tangled, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 as well as illustrations for children’s books and comics.

For a pledge of $30 you can get 1 copy of the retail version of the game, shipped before it hits stores, and at 5$ off the retail price, but if you are looking for something extra special you can up your pledge to $60 for the Deluxe Bargain Quest bundle. With that you get you the game, a print and play copy, a Kickstarter Exclusive Slipcover, a Kickstarter Exclusive Quest Token, a Digital Art Book, a Kickstarter Exclusive “Friendly Local Game Store” Player Board, and the Chaotic Goods bonus card pack.

Jess: I am a recovering Atelier Iris addict so this game peaked my interest the first time I heard about it. Bargain Quest sounds like a great twist on the traditional RPG style theme and I can’t wait to have a chance to play it. Grab your bag of gold and march on over to the Bargain Quest Kickstarter to learn more!

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