Compete Online in the NGE Shadowverse Open

If you are a fan of online collectible card games, there is a new competition beginning soon where your gaming talents could earn you some amazing prizes. Cygames and Next Generation E-Sports (NGE) have partnered to introduce first season of the the Shadowverse collectible card game open.

Starting today you’ll be able to register to compete in the 1st season of this  turn-based card game. The season will consist of a three-month series of qualifier tournaments. After that there will be an online invitational finals round where players will compete for a $10,000 prize pool.

Spectators will be able to watch the NGE Shadowverse Open live on broadcasted from the NGE Studios in Burbank, California or catch up on games with videos on-demand being made available on Youtube.

Yuito Kimura, Shadowverse Producer and Executive Director at Cygames said, “Following the wild success of Shadowverse’s esports activities in Japan, we felt it was time to bring the excitement to North America. With NGE’s rich esports pedigree we believe they will be the ideal partner to champion our North America rollout.”


Andy Vander Woude, co-founder and CEO of NGE said, Shadowverse is a fresh take on digital CCG that is accessible to nearly any gamer, whether they play on PC or mobile. We’re very excited to introduce Shadowverse to the west and give it the esports treatment it deserves.”

The NGE Shadowverse Open will begin on April 4th, and will be broadcast on Twitch. For additional broadcast and signup information visit the NGE Shadowverse Open website at

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