Arena: For the Gods! Coming Soon

IELLO has announced their upcoming brawling game Arena: For the Gods!

Designed by Maxime Rambourg (The Big Book of Madness) and illustrated by Paul Mafayon (Bunny Kingdom, Looney Quest, Diamant), this 2-6 player brouhaha pits heroes from 6 different mythos in a battle to the death to entertain the gods.

The game uses a bidding mechanic using life points instead of gold to bid for weapons.Once everyone is decked out, it is time to battle! One 1 player dies, the game ends, and whoever has the most life points remaining wins!

There is also a special surprise for King of Tokyo fans! A new card for the game will be included in English copies of Arena: For the Gods!

Jess: Games with play elimination bum me out, because you have to sit around while your friends finish the game. Thankfully Arena: For the Gods! gets around this be ending the game on the first player eliminated. This looks like it will be similar in theme to King of Tokyo but a bit more complicated in play, so in other words: fun! Arena: For the Gods!  comes out June 14th, 2017. For more info head to


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