Jess’s Top Five Kickstarters of the Week 3/31/17

It’s that time again! Here are 5 Kickstarters that I think are pretty keen!

1. The Lady and the Tiger

The Lady and the Tiger is a bunch of games in one and allows for 1-6 players making for a game with a lot of replay-ability. At its heart, it is a bluffing game, so I think it is pretty cool that they managed to create a solo player variant for it.  You can get 1 copy of the game for $9 +shipping and you get a promo card that is Kickstarter only. Check out The Lady and the Tiger Kickstarter to pledge now!

2. Grimslingers: The Northern Territory

I really enjoyed the Grimslingers core game and having taken a look at the expansion at PAX East, I am very excited for this expansion. Greenbrier learned a few things since they released the game, and the expansion helps update the rules to make it more fun, while also adding a new campaign, new characters: Nyunyo the cat and Cute Kipper the dog, a new card based system, progress sheets… there is too much to list here.

The Northern Territory expansion really changes up the game in a lot of great ways. If you haven’t tried the original Grimslingers yet, you can get a copy through the Kickstarter as well. $29 will get you either game and $50 will get you both. Mosey on over to the Grimslingers: The Northern Territory Kickstarter to learn more.

3. DRAGOON: The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion + Reprint

Here is another fine expansion that I peeked at during PAX East. Dragoon is one of those coffee table games that you pull out to impress guests. It’s beautiful, has high quality pieces, and is simple enough that anyone can enjoy it. The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion adds some new rules and lets you play up to 6 players now. The Barbarian piece acts just like another dragon, but levels up throughout the game, uses their own deck of cards, and has a cool ship to move around on. The Rogue can use tunnels to get around the map and uses equipment to help them steal gold.

You can get the regular version or one of the super deluxe editions that have metal pieces and wooden boards. There is even a special add-on Patrick Rothfuss bard-barian piece that was created to help raise awareness of the charity Worldbuilders. This expansion is really frickin’ cool and I love base game. Head on over to The Rogue and Barbarian Expansion Kickstarter to add a copy to your horde now.

4.Get Off My Land!

It’s a farmer vs. angry farmer brawl of land grabbing! Players are all trying to build up farms on the same board and eventually ya’ll are going to butt heads when your fences get a little to close for comfort. You can “borrow” your opponents resources, damage their fences, and generally make a nuisance out of yourself or you can be right neighborly and focus on your own farm.

The game has great humor to it and I love the theme. Get Off My Land! caught my attention pretty recently and only has 3 days to go so it you are interested head on over to the Kickstarter Campaign to pledge now before it ends!

5. Venture Party

I was intrigued by Venture Party’s art (it reminds me of Steven Universe) and I stuck around for the theme. This 3-7 player game is all about roleplaying tropes. You will build up a party of less-than-par “heroes” who may not have quite what it takes to succeed. These accident-prone adventurers will lose their lives in all sorts of hilarious and useful ways that net you loot. At the end of the game, whoever has the most points from loot and remaining Hero Power Levels wins!

Being a long-time roleplayer, this tongue-in-cheek theme really amuses me and the game itself sounds pretty fun. It’s only around for 6 more days, so go check out the Venture Party Kickstarter now!


Jess: That’s all the excitement my wallet can take this week, but check back next Friday for more awesome Kickstarters!

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