Best Board Game April Fools of 2017

Every year the board game community comes up with some fun April Fools pranks. We’ve collected up some of the pranks that have floated around today.

Dog Might Games’s Wooden Insults now on Kickstarter

Imagine the joy in opening a personalized Wooden Insult that’s been shipped directly to your door from Dog Might Games. The custom Insult engraving, “Sawdust Surprise” packaging, and mass-produced cheap envelope all scream attention to detail and provide the memory of a lifetime. Tears of joy will fall as you vacuum the sawdust off of the floor and apply ointment to the super burn you just received. Now is your opportunity to give this experience to your friends, family, or most hated rival.
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Cheapass Games Releases President’s 2005 Tax Returns

Seattle, WA—April 1, 2017. Cheapass Games have come into possession of shocking and revelatory documents concerning their own president’s financial dealings as well as possible ties to domestic powers.
These documents are coming to light during what can only be described as a tumultuous and scandal-ridden period, James Ernest’s first 100 days of his twenty-second year as president of Cheapass Games.
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Renegade Game Studios Announces Sentient

San Diego, CA (April 1st, 2053) Today, Renegade Game Studios has announced an important discovery in artificial intelligence and biomechanical engineering.  Five robotics prototypes have been unveiled covering all the basic needs of a robust society. The recent breakthrough in programming technology will help complete everyday tasks, remove workers from dangerous industrial environments, and protect us from enemy forces.
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World RPG

A tabletop roleplaying game that runs on the Apocalypse World system. Here’s an example move:

When Your Game is Finished and You Launch the  Kickstarter, gain a Stress and roll + Hustle: On a 7­9, your game funds. On a 10+, your game funds spectacularly well, and you hit  several stretch goals. On a miss, your game doesn’t fund at all.

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Gil Hova Becomes a Fire Hydrant

Apr 1, 2017 We have a bonus episode for you! You can learn a little bit more about the hosts, and have fun while doing it, because we totally aren’t fun the rest of the year.

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Sprites and Dice Review Darts

I recently had the opportunity to play a few rounds of the game Darts. The aptly-named game, which involves throwing the eponymous missiles at a board to score points, has received mixed but generally positive reviews both from casual players and professional blogs and magazines. The developers were not present at the time, but some fans of the game invited me to step in and give it a try, and I happily took the opportunity to do so.

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Gamewright Announces Hamilton the Board Game

Dragoon Legacy

Did we miss any awesome 2017 board game shenanigans? Let us know in the comments below!

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